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About CC Global Plumbing

Purely Professional

Plumber Fixing Sink

CC Global Plumbing can do all of your plumbing jobs around your house or business. I’ve lived and worked in this community for many years. My method is simple. I carefully listen to what you need and then find the most effective way of carrying out my services, which means great savings for my customers. I am fully updated on the latest industry developments and through my experience I’m able to solve any plumbing issue. The best part of this job is making people happy.

My satisfaction is knowing that I’ve have served you well. I have worked as a plumber in Bendigo since 2010, in all parts of the city and surrounding areas. Don’t wait a minute longer. You’ll rest easy once your problems vanish after my visit!

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5 Reasons why you should work with CC Global Plumbing

We are Australian owned and operated.

Old Fashioned Customer Service:

We give the type of service that isn't commonly found anymore. you will always liase with a trained professional, we will turn up when we say we will, do what we say we will do and clean up after ourselves, no non sense.

Were reliable and qualified.

At CC global plumbing it is important that our partnerships with you has a solid foundation. you will always know exactly where you stand as well as the conditions that govern us working together. we believe in clear agreements with no grey areas, and that is why we never promise what we cant deliver. this is our definition of reliability.

we understand it is difficult to find capable plumbers out there today but you can trust us when we say that all our plumbers are qualified with all relevant tickets to complete any job on site.

We keep your place clean.

customers appreciate the work we do for them, even more so they appreciate the finer details of us cleaning up after ourselves when we leave their home, office or job site. - we are so clean you wouldn't even know we were there.

Every job is our best job.

we take 100% pride in our work and make every effort to do the best job, on time and with our call backs!

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